Affordable Wildlife Control in Toronto and North York

Affordable Wildlife Control

Are you having a wildlife problem in Toronto? Affordable Wildlife Control can help.

We all love the scenic view that wildlife can give us, but when the animals start to destroy our gardens, yards, and property as a whole, give Affordable Wildlife and Pest Control a ring.


Here we strive for greatness and we can give you the wildlife control you need in Toronto as well as pest control. We are Toronto’s local wildlife control experts.


Don’t know when to call your local wildlife removal experts? If you notice a pest that is reappearing in your home, we can take care of the problem. Though we are the leaders in home exterminators here in Toronto, we do offer commercial pest control options as well. We realize that pests can show up anywhere and we are prepared to help you in any way possible to exterminate the pests on your property.

Different services that we offer at Affordable Wildlife Control include squirrel removal, commercial pest control, home raccoon control, and basic animal removal in Toronto. If you are having a wildlife issue, we have a lot of experience with raccoons, squirrels, pigeons, and skunks. If you are looking for exterminators to come rid your property of bed bugs, mice and rats, ants, termite, and cockroaches, we have got you covered.


Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto
Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto

Please feel free to give Affordable Wildlife Control a call. We can answer any questions you may have about pests and wildlife as well as help identify what is invading your commercial building or home. If you are ready to make an appointment, give us a call.

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AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Nov 24, 2017

by Barry P on AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

 Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness – Squirrel Removal
Neighbourhood: Toronto

My experience with AAA Affordable Wildlife Control was very positive! Starting with Ann who answered the phone when I called and immediately got me scheduled for a visit the next morning. Sean arrived as promised between 10:00 am – 12:00 noon and very quickly saw what the problem was. He got the mesh installed and the one-way door mechanism installed in a very difficult space. He explained everything he was doing and was extremely pleasant. He left me feeling that the squirrels would vacate the premises and wouldn’t be able to get back in. This has given me great comfort!!! Thank you so much — your service has been exemplary!!

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to write a review and share your thoughts on our wildlife removal company. Sean mentioned that the squirrel hole was in a tough spot to access and that he was just barely able to reach it, he’ll be happy his efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks very much for the review Barry

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control




Affordable Wildlife Control
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Hire Affordable Wildlife Control for a fast solution to your raccoon & squirrel problems. Don't wait for baby season. The wildlife removal process is more straightforward when babies aren't involved. Call today for our affordable services.